About us

From Space to the Ocean Floor

The roots of our technological expertise can be traced back to 1930. The results of our research has given groundbreaking solutions, from space to the ocean floor.

Today, CMR has four main focus areas;

  • The SPACE activity in CMR dates back to 1963, and today it covers energy systems, mechanical structures and life support system components.
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY is an important research area where CMR focus on the areas Geothermal Energy, Offshore wind and CO2 storage, and possesses an array of expertise that extends across the value chain for renewable energy.
  • CMR is dedicated to perform R&D of complete measurement systems for the MARINE & ENVIRONMENT, from sensor to decision support, and offer services, including reviews, testing, data collection, modelling and simulation, image and video analysis.
  • CMR develops solutions and provides expert services for the OIL AND GAS industry, in particular related to condition monitoring, flow and process measurements, and advanced data analysis.