Energy Lab; Geothermal Energy in Norway and in Hordaland

Date: 30.05.2017 12.00-13.00
Location: meeting room Helland-Hansen at Geophysical Institute, UiB

CMR scientist Kirsti Midttømme with presentation at the Energy Lab.

Norway is among  the world leading countries in utilizing geothermal energy, By use of geothermal heat pumps  about 2,5 TWh  geothermal heat and cold are extracted from rock and groundwater. Though one of the first large geothermal heat pumps was installed in Fyllingsdalen in 1984 Vestlandet has been slow in adapting this energy technology until recently. Since 2011 several large  GHP installations have been sat in operation in Bergen (as example Sartor senteret , Haukeland sykehus, Åsane storsenter, Bergen lufthavn Flesland

Though the GHP technolgy is regardet as mature and commericial, is lack of knowledge within the industry  evident. The design of GHP systems is often based on the experience of the individual consulent  or driller  without  adequately take into account site-specific conditions such as geology, groundwater flow, specific thermal loads and possible interaction with other available renewable energy sources.

There are no geothermal power production or district heating systems in Norway today. All energy and heat production on Svalbard  today is based on fossil fuels in the form of locally mined coal or imported diesel. Geothermal energy might be a renewable energy alternative for the settlements on Svalbard.

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