Pobitzer, Armin

Pobitzer, Armin


T: +47 469 20 742

M: armin.pobitzer@cmr.no


  • Advanced data analysis for Oil&Gas

    In today’s Oil&Gas installations, sensors have become ubiquitous. Advanced data analysis, integrating information from different sensors, yields, e.g. valuable information about production processes and machine health.


  • NMDC

    Archiving and sharing of research data is an important part of sustainable and verifiable research. The Norwegian Marine Data Centre (NMDC) is a national e-infrastructure for the seamless exchange of data set for the marine research community.


    The latest progress in echosounder technology has seen a transition from single frequency to wideband signal, yielding a drastic increase in information and resolution of acoustic data. The DABGRAF project makes use of this new technology in order to estimate size distributions in pelagic fish schools.