CMR are testing our knowledge in windmeasurements and our lidar instruments in a kite competition on the plains of the Hardangervidda. Follow the lidar measurements here on our webpages. Our people and our lidars are out there in the wilderness taking the data down.


CMR in close cooperation with NORCOWE has  provided new and unique dataset for the study of offshore boundary-layer conditions in vicinity of a wind farm, simultaneously measurements of wind, temperature and humidity profiles in the marine atmospheric boundary layer are performed.There has been deployed two state-of –the-art scanning lidar systems, which record wind speeds up to an altitude of 1000 m. In addition, a passive microwave radiometer provides vertical profiles of temperature and humidity up to an altitude of 1000 m. These measurements are combined with the lidar measurements to obtain information on stability conditions within the lower 200 m of the atmosphere. This knowledge will now be used in this kitesportevent on the plains of Hardangervidda.

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