Offshore Wind

Norway has large offshore wind energy resources. The first full scale floating offshore wind turbine (Hywind) is Norwegian. Christian Michelsen Research (CMR) is hosting NORCOWE, the Norwegian Center for Offshore Wind Energy.

Addressing offshore wind energy properly requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

CMR addresses met/ocean conditions, wakes, wind farm layout and annual energy production.

  • Lidar measurements (onshore and offshore) for wind energy
  • Project management for met/ocean measurement campaigns (e.g. WINTWEX-W and OBLEX-F1)
  • Assessment of Annual Energy Production utilizing Model Reduction Technique (MRT)
  • Data quality analysis (via visualization)
  • Management of FME centre NORCOWE
  • CMR organizes the annual conferences Science meets industry (SMI) on behalf of NORCOWE
  • CMR is associated member in EERA JP Wind
  • CMR is involved in IEA task 32 on lidar
  • CMR is participating in the JIP “Validation of Turbulence Models”

CMR works closely with NORCOWE partners and other national and international partners from industry, research institutes and universities.




OBLEX-F1, met/ocean measurement campaign at FINO1 (2015-2016)

WINTWEX-W – Wind Turbine Wake Experiment – Wieringermeer (2014-2015)



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Bridge to the future

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The impact of NORCOWE